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The art of healing, naturally.

A unique approach to treatment.
Traditional healing and modern medicine.

The Integrated Health Center was founded by Dr. Pram as a result of her lifelong desire to share the benefits of a natural lifestyle with others.
The treatment philosophy is based on working with you as a whole person rather than simply a patient with a collection of symptoms.

  • "The staff is so wonderful and caring. Dr. Pram is the greatest and her knowledge of medicine and how to help you is vast. If you want wonderful health and someone you can call a lifelong friend this is the place. We all think Dr. Pram was heaven sent."
    MaryHelen M
  • "Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Pram is awesome, so helpful and kind!"
    Catherine R
  • "We love Dr. Pram. She is extremely knowledgeable. Spends time with you to understand your health. Very intuitive and highly experienced. Gentle and extremely positive. My whole family goes to her. Kids included. She has provided very good care to my whole family. "
    Preeti B
  • "I loved the service! Dr. Pram is the Best!"
    Margaret W
  • "The staff is so friendly, the office is so cozy and inviting and Dr. Pram is very attentive, genuine and very helpful.”
    Erica E
  • "I loved the service! Dr. Pram is the best! Calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. Always! Vinny is pleasant."
    Vicki M
  • "I loved the whole experience, which included clear personal attention to my specific needs and treating everything as a whole rather than a series of unrelated symptoms or issues."
    Judy P
  • "I loved the service and have recommended it to friends (no takers :-( ) and Family (one taker) in the past. Dr. Pram is a wonderful and encouraging health care provider and you couldn't ask for better."
    Karen W
  • "My health has never been better. Dr. Vishvanath is the Best health professional I have ever had. She has been my primary physician for 25 years -- asthma - Gone! Allergies -- Gone! Female troubles -- no more! She has helped my entire family maintain a high standard of health without antibiotics and prescription medication. I can't imagine what I would do without her. "
    June M, PhD
  • "I have great confidence in Dr. Pram who has been treating me for close to 40 years.”
    Jo-Ann H
  • "I loved the service! Dr. Pramila Vishvanath is a most competent, understanding, and vital practitioner. I became acquainted with Dr. Vishvanath when my daughter was 5years old. That was 26 years ago. She is our "go to" physician. Her extensive knowledge is impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Vishvanath!"
    Donna P
  • "Dr. Pram has helped me through many difficult times when allopathic medicine could not. She is always available and responds to email and telephone inquiries quickly."
    Rhea F
  • Dr. Pram is simply wonderful! She is a gifted diagnostician & healer within our community. Her very knowledgeable, kind and very caring manner immediately puts you at ease. She is very successful in creating a plan to bring true wellness into your life; my own experiences with Dr. Pram have been truly life-changing."
    Melissa M
  • "Dr. Pram always knows what's going on with me even if I haven't seen her in a long time - and I mean years. She is very pragmatic and practical. She once told me if I needed and antibiotic I should take it and never mind that it's western medicine. She is very open to new ideas and OLD ones too. She may well have saved my life as I had a bad upper respiratory infection that required antibiotics. I have known her for many years and her experience and skill and kindness are very much appreciated."
    Marci T
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