“Pram Talks”

Homeopathy Now On Demand

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Here is an overview of what I discussed during the four-part Homeopathy webinar series over four lessons.

Topics include:

  • Tips on how to read your body’s symptoms in acute and chronic illness
  • What do we understand as a constitutional remedy and how to use it
  • What are miasms
  • How remedies are made and the science of potentization
  • The concept of “like cures like” – “similia similibus curentur” and more.

The introductory webinar is complementary, however, the four webinars following “Pram Talks” are $100.

If you are an IHC Advantage Family Plan member, these sessions are part of your membership and free of charge.

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Once registered, I will send instructions to join me from your laptop, tablet, phone or desktop for this special introductory evening.

In Health,
Dr. Pram

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