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The pandemic has given me a unique opportunity to slow down and put together informative articles based on my years of experience treating thousands of people. I will enjoy sharing some of the anecdotes and knowledge that I have acquired through my education and in working with all of you.

I started this blog as a forum to create conversation — something more relaxed, informative, noteworthy and inclusive, and maybe even funny!

Choose from an article or podcast and if you’d like a deeper dive, check out my webinar series!

I hope it will spark a new approach to your health in these challenging times. 

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When it comes to food – listen

My own journey with food as I reflect on it was eye-opening. I grew up in India as a Lacto-vegetarian. Every meal was freshly cooked, and the produce was brought in every day from the farms nearby.


Are you histamine intolerant?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – finally! As I look out of my window, I see the yellow blush of the forsythia, the chartreuse color of the branches of the weeping Willow, and the Crimson buds of the

small boy eyes in alignment

A healthy perspective

Due to our lifestyle, we develop imbalances in the body that throw off the signals sent to the brain. When the brain receives inaccurate information, it cannot optimize your posture!

young boy

Don’t Judge

Enjoy this 4-minute award-winning film by Elvis Naçi. At the end of this beautiful story, I dissolved in tears. I had to search within myself why… I saw the effect of the discipline but what was the cause… I saw