The Rapid Fat Loss and Weight Management Program

It's not about weight loss but FAT loss.

The Rapid Fat Loss program is based on the book “Pounds to Inches” written by Dr. Simeon.

He believed that the naturally occurring human chorionic gonadotropin found in pregnancy actually had the ability to break down excessive fat stores in the body on a very strict caloric intake more rapidly than just going on a low calorie diet.

This program is strictly medically supervised on a weekly bases by Dr. Pram.

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Dr. Pram's Story

The Rapid Weight Loss (RFL) program had a profound impact on me. It took me 10 months to lose 10 lbs. When I started the RFL program I lost an additional 15 lbs. in 21 days. After losing 25 Ibs. I feel like a new person-lighter, healthier and happier! It has now been several years and I continue to stay at my desired weight. Life is good!

Many weight loss programs promote weight loss but not specifically, FAT loss. At IHC, the Rapid Fat Loss & Weight Management Program (RFL) is a strict low calorie program targeted to lose fat and not lean body mass. This program includes formulations that balance the metabolism, thereby decreasing any potential weight gain at the end of the program.


“This has been an incredible experience. I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory condition that made me bloated and in pain all the time. On the RFL program my energy went up, my weight came down and I fit into clothes 3 to 4 sizes smaller in 40 days — and no more pain. I highly recommend this program.” ~ Diane H.

“As a professor, I realized I was not very active. Even after joining the gym, my weight was steadily going up. Thanks to the RFL program I was able lose over 50 pounds. The best part of this program is my relationship with food has shifted. I have become a very conscious eater! My blood pressure and thyroid function has returned to normal; my metabolism has been re-set! Dr. Pram is a great coach!” ~Donna P.


dr pram before RFL



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  • Reduce your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure
  • Re-set your metabolism especially the thyroid
  • Start to feel young and active again

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  • Change old programming and habits
  • Create a new you from inside out
  • Give yourself the gift of health

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