What to Expect

Initial Office Visit
Come prepared to spend an hour with me. The time will be spent charting your:

  • entire history including the reasons for the visit
  • diet history
  • past medical history
  • family history and
  • general wellbeing and outlook

Bring any recent lab work, consult letters, pathology reports for review.
Together we'll create a plan and a protocol that you can comply with, one step at a time.

Complete this form today and send it back as soon as possible IHC NEW PATIENT FORM

Understand what your insurance covers and doesn't cover -- download INSURANCE INFORMATION

All necessary forms can be round to the right.

Follow-up Visits
Generally, the follow up visits are approximately 30 mins long.
could be spaced 1 or 2 or 4 weeks apart depending on our initial plan and protocol.

A new concept that is not reimbursed by insurance companies at this time. However, I can entertain this idea with you if for some reason you cannot make it to the office, charges will apply.

Patient Portal
My HIPAA compliant software has a Patient Portal availability that is password protected. Please ask for the form.

Scope of my Practice

  • I can prescribe anything natural as dictated by the Naturopathic Law in CT.
  • I cannot prescribe any controlled substances including antibiotics.
  • I can order laboratory tests, Ultrasounds, X-rays, Mammograms… if and as needed.
  • I can refer you to other physicians for consult and treatment when it is out of my scope of practice. (For example, surgery or admitting you to the hospital)
  • I do not have admitting privileges to any of the hospitals in CT.

Cancellation and Consideration Policy
We accept a minimum 24 hours’ notice. Failure to give me notice in time will levy a charged of $50. Consideration will be given if you fault for the first time.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not send me pictures of body parts by text and/or e-mail. They are not secure and is a HIPAA violation. Just show it to me when you come in.
  • If I have never seen a member of your family or friend, I cannot treat them or dispense supplements or homeopathic remedies. This can be construed as malpractice.
  • All requests for release of medical records must be in writing.
  • Do not give up your relations with your MD.
  • Do not stop your prescribed medications. I will not allow you to stop them without the consent of your MD who prescribed them in the first place.