Initial Office Visit

Come prepared to spend an hour with me. By sending in the completed forms [listed below and to the right] ahead of time, we can maximize the time to create a plan instead of focusing on paperwork. Understand what your insurance covers and doesn’t cover by setting it up correctly right from the start. All patients need a HIPAA form before our session. Forms may be filled in by simply clicking on the links.

The Patient Questionnaire will be the focus of our initial visit and the foundation of your wellness plan. Please complete and send in as soon as possible. Forms may be filled in by simply clicking on the links.

Our time will be spent charting your:

  • entire history including the reasons for the visit
  • diet history
  • past medical history
  • family history, and
  • general wellbeing and outlook

Bring any recent lab work, consult letters, pathology reports for review.
Together we’ll create a plan and a protocol that you can comply with, one step at a time.


To get started, click each link to complete the forms:

A) Insurance Information

B) New Patient Form

C) HIPAA Consent Form

D) Patient Questionnaire

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not send me pictures of body parts by text and/or e-mail. They are not secure and is a HIPAA violation. Just show it to me when you come in.
  • If I have never seen a member of your family or friend, I cannot treat them or dispense supplements or homeopathic remedies. This can be construed as malpractice.
  • All requests for release of medical records must be in writing.
  • Do not give up your relations with your MD.
  • Do not stop your prescribed medications. I cannot stop you (by Law) from taking your medications without the consent of your MD who prescribed them in the first place.

Follow-up Visits
Generally, the follow up visits are approximately 30 minutes long and could be spaced 1 or 2 or 4 weeks apart depending on our initial plan and protocol.

A new concept for patient visits via Zoom video conferencing, is not reimbursed by insurance companies at this time. However, I can entertain this idea with you if for some reason you cannot make it to the office, charges will apply.

Patient Portal
My HIPAA compliant software has a Patient Portal availability that is password protected. Please ask for the form.

Scope of My Practice

  • I can prescribe anything natural as dictated by the Naturopathic Law in CT.
  • I cannot prescribe any controlled substances including antibiotics.
  • I can order laboratory tests, Ultrasounds, X-rays, Mammograms… if and as needed.
  • I can refer you to other physicians for consult and treatment when it is out of my scope of practice. (For example, surgery or admitting you to the hospital.)
  • I can order laboratory tests, Ultrasounds, X-rays, Mammograms, as needed. Please check with your insurance company if you need pre-authorization for these tests.
  • I do not have admitting privileges to any of the hospitals in Connecticut.

Cancellation and Consideration Policy
We accept a minimum 24-hours’ notice. Failure to give notice will levy a charged of $50. Consideration will be given if you fault for the first time.


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Wednesdays 3-5 pm only

88 Noble Avenue, Suite 101 Milford, CT 06460


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