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Dr. Pramila Vishvanath

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Are you histamine intolerant?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – finally!

As I look out of my window, I see the yellow blush of the forsythia, the chartreuse color of the branches of the weeping Willow, and the Crimson buds of the red Maple.

Spring is in the air… I feel a sneeze coming on as I reached out for my tissues. As much as I love spring, it appears spring doesn’t love me.

Bless you!

Every spring I go through the same process. My eyes are itching and tearing, my nose is dripping, my ears of popping and I have a little dry cough from time to time. Oh, let’s not forget the postnasal drip.

This is allergy season for some of us. We cannot blame nature, but we can do something to reduce and/or mitigate these symptoms. Let’s journey inward to see how it works.

How to reduce the body burden

In Naturopathy, we say all dis-ease starts in the gut.

INFLUENCERS Foods high in a histamine response, can cause the various tissues to become vulnerable. So, if we add this to the various influences in the environment, it will activate a natural expression of detoxing from these influencers (see diagram below).

THE BALANCER for decreasing the response is the enzyme DAO (Diamine Oxidase) which we are born with and which is cultivated in our gut along with our microbiomes.

THE RESPONSE In a nutshell, when histamine is released from the mast cells, DAO increases and counters the systemic histamine response in a normal environment.


Click on the link below to take the Allergy/Histamine Survey now to find out just how sensitive you are:

Histamine Stress Survey


  1. Test DAO and histamine levels
  2. Test the gut’s response
  3. Allergy test to determine what foods should be avoided
  4. Determine the supplements will help the situation

Click this link to learn more what the imbalance of DAO and Histamine can do to your body.

I have partnered with Precision Point Diagnostic Labs to:

1. Test health of the gut,

2. the ratio of the DAO and Histamine

Here is a list of foods high in histamine:

3. Advance Allergy therapeutic at Integrated Health Center is your place to get tested for food and environmental allergies.

4. Suggested Supplements

  • AllerDHQ (for environmental allergies)
  • Allergy Combo (homeopathic)
  • IonSinus (sinus issues)
  • IonBiome (allergy protection and gut support)
  • IHC Glutamine Plus (for gut health)
  • HistDAO (histamine balance)
  • Mucus Relief (for nasal congestion)
  • Northeast Allersode (of the northeast flowering pollen)
  • Zinc Lozenges with Vit C, Propolis and Echinacea



Nature is awesome. Our bodies continue to adapt and modulate with the environment. So let us support our bodies with the right nutrients to heal from inside out.



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