Dr. Pramila Vishvanath

Dr. Pramila Vishvanath

Sharing the wisdom of treating every individual as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms or fragmenting the body into several disease diagnoses.

Seeds of Ancient Wisdom

The Seeds of Wisdom sprouted from the idea that in each one of us we have seeds – a knowing, that has not been manifested, but latent. As I sow these seeds, giving them air, light and water, the ever-flowing elements of nature, the seeds will manifest and give expression – an innate consciousness.

A seed that sprouts into a flower or fruit creates a different world from when it began and yet it knows that when it sheds its seeds, the wind, the sun, the water and the earth will nurture it to manifest again thus giving expression to what was latent.

And through the years they will grow communities and traditions.

Seeds of Wisdom is my shared expression of what’s been planted in my consciousness by my mentors – wise men and women that touched my life, including my children and grandchildren – to bring you these seeds of ancient wisdom.

It’s a wisdom that flows through the waters of this lifetime yearning to find the path of knowledge… Knowledge which is continuously being manifested.

Join me on this journey!



If you have any topic suggestions, send me an email and I’ll do my best to cover it.

The image (above) of the hand’s shadow over the water was taken by my son. It symbolizes a hand exploring the ripples of time through the elements of Nature. It inspired the theme for “Seeds of Wisdom”.

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